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Product of the Week: UltiBrush™

Feb 26 2013 | gloveralliance

Here’s a clever travel invention…All-in-one toothbrush, complete with toothpaste, floss, mirror, and a protective cap. UltiBrush is good for 40-50 uses, is TSA friendly and costs $12.

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Introducing the UltiBrush™

Feb 16 2013 | gloveralliance

Whether you’re at the office, flying across country or backpacking across town, the on-the-go UltiBrush comes complete with toothpaste, floss, mirror and a protective cap so you have all you need in one convenient brush.

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Feb 15 2013 | gloveralliance

If the Fuller Brush man could have had one of these in his carrying case he might still be going door to door. This utilitarian product is a one-man-band toothbrush, replacing a traveler’s makeshift ziplock bag of dental toiletries with a brush, a TSA-compliant dollop of toothpaste,

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The New, One-Size-Fits-All Toothbrush

Feb 10 2013 | gloveralliance

UltiBrush is the first all-in-one toothbrush to include toothpaste, floss, a mirror and protective cap which also doubles as a rinse cup. Eliminating the need to carry around a toiletry bag full of dental products, UltiBrush is the perfect toothbrush for just about everyone.

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