Best Toothbrush For Traveling

Your oral health is important to you, not just at home, but when you’re on the go as well. That’s why we’ve taken the time to create the best toothbrush for traveling: the UltiBrush. This inventive toothbrush contains five products in one convenient device:

It complies with TSA regulations and contains 40 uses per toothbrush.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. How good is the UltiBrush anyway? After all, most folding compact toothbrushes on the market are made from flimsy plastic and contain watered down toothpaste. After that, you’re either on your own, or you have to purchase two toothbrushes for each day you travel. Well, it all depends on what your definition of good breath is.

Assuming that you DO want clean, fresh breath and a sparkling smile, you’ll want to brush at least twice a day. Being the best toothbrush for traveling that it is, the UltiBrush allows you to do just that. The patented design includes a toothpaste-dispensing button that you press to release the perfect amount of toothpaste into the bristles. The bristles are good quality and comfortable for brushing.

When you’re done brushing, give yourself a good floss and check your work with the handy mirror. The protective cap that is included with these folding compact toothbrushes can be used as a rinse cup, too. The cap then keeps the toothbrush clean and sanitary so you don’t have to worry about any germs making you sick on your travels.

Just think of all the benefits you can enjoy with the UltiBrush:

Some say that the UltiBrush is ingenious, but we say that it was just a thoughtful invention that was born out of a love for good oral hygiene. Ditch the traveling toothbrushes that you’ve been using all these years and step up with the UltiBrush. There’s no reason why you have to leave your oral health regimen at the door when you travel – the best toothbrush for traveling is available to you right now!

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