Best Travel Toothbrush With Toothpaste And Floss

Are you on the hunt for the best travel toothbrush to accompany you on your adventures? We can help! The UltiBrush is changing the way that travel enthusiasts brush their teeth on the go, and this is leading to whiter, brighter smiles all around! So what exactly is the UltiBrush? It’s a compact, all-in-one toothbrush that contains five products:

The toothbrush case doubles as a rinse cup, too! Just toss the UltiBrush in your bag, and you have everything you need to maintain your at-home oral hygiene regimen. There are up to 40 uses in the UltiBrush so you can use it as your best travel toothbrush, or at the office, after a workout or any other time you need a quick brush.

Just think of all the benefits to having your very own travel toothbrush with toothpaste and floss:

The UltiBrush is simple to use, making it a great option for kids, too. Pop off the protective cap, where you’ll find a toothbrush and toothpaste-dispensing button. When you press the button, it releases the perfect amount of toothpaste into the bristles. Not too much, not too little, and certainly no mess!

After brushing, rinse your mouth with the rinse cup, which doubles as the protective cap for the travel toothbrush with toothpaste and floss. Then, turn the brush over, pop open the lid, and there you will find dental floss and a mirror. Can you smell the minty fresh breath already?

Simple yet sophisticated. Inventive yet original. The UltiBrush is the best travel toothbrush you will find on the market today – and for plenty of good reasons!

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