Camping Toothbrush Holder

Crawling bugs. Humid temperatures. No running water. Camping isn’t the best place to focus on your oral hygiene, is it? Many campers have longed for a practical solution, such as a convenient camping toothbrush holder that includes all the essentials: flavorsome toothpaste, a quality toothbrush and floss. Well, now you can have your s’mores and eat them, too. The UltiBrush is changing the way that people brush their teeth, even when they’re in the middle of nowhere.


The UltiBrush comes to you after 20 years in the making, and it has been fine tuned and perfected. It contains everything you need to have a rockstar smile, including:



Pretty ingenious, no? These folding camping toothbrushes are compact and lightweight, so they are perfect for campers. You have to carry everything in a backpack, so it’s almost impractical to have to pack separate floss, tubes of messy toothpaste and cheap disposable toothbrushes that just plain hurt to brush with.


The UltiBrush camping toothbrush holder is the perfect alternative, and you don’t have to sacrifice good oral hygiene. With a high quality toothbrush and tasty toothpaste, you can maintain your same standard of oral hygiene. Your dentist would be proud. Your mother would be proud.


The folding camping toothbrushes can be purchased for the whole family and contain up to 40 uses. Chances are, you won’t be flying to your camping destination, but if you are intending to travel with your toothbrush, rest assured that the UltiBrush is compliant with airline regulations. The best part is that you never have to suffer from stinky morning breath in the middle of the day just because you’re in the great outdoors. No one ever said that bad breath and camping went together.


The next time you set foot onto a campsite, make sure you have your UltiBrush camping toothbrush holder with you. It’s the perfect travel companion. We promise.

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