Floss Toothbrush Combo

Everyone likes to have minty fresh breath behind their pearly white smile, but this can be hard to do when you’re constantly on the go. Well, not anymore, thanks to the UltiBrush, which is a futuristic floss toothbrush combo with toothpaste inside. This toothbrush includes everything that is needed to have a bright, healthy smile on the go: toothpaste, protective cap, dental floss, mirror, rinse cup, and of course, a toothbrush.


Imagine all the possibilities of where the UltiBrush can be used:



Perfect for Kids, Too!


The toothbrush with toothpaste combo may be perfect for on-the-go use, but you can also use the toothbrush if you’re looking to declutter the bathroom, or if you’re trying to make brushing fun for kids. The UltiBrush has a high-quality toothbrush with soft bristles that make brushing comfortable and fun. When you push the button, the floss toothbrush combo with toothpaste inside dispenses the perfect amount of paste into the bristles, perfect for kids just learning to brush! Less mess, less headache!


Good Oral Hygiene Matters


Years ago, people didn’t realize the importance of maintaining their oral hygiene, but now we know that the better job we do at brushing and flossing, the more benefits can be enjoyed:



Instead of taking care of your teeth only when you’re in the comfort of home, the UltiBrush toothbrush with toothpaste combo allows you to take care of them all the time so there are no gaps in your oral health. You never have to be far from a good, refreshing brush.


Purchase your floss toothbrush combo with toothpaste inside today! The more you buy, the more you save. With up to 40 brushes per UltiBrush, you can cover yourself for the entire year, and save money off those cheap, disposable brushes!

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