Mini Travel Toothbrush Set Kit

Wouldn’t it be nice if the mini travel toothbrush sets that are sold for travelers included a full size tube of toothpaste and a decent quality toothbrush? Sure, these sets are convenient, but they always seem to fall short. And, if you rely solely on disposable toothbrushes, all you get is a flimsy plastic toothbrush with watered down toothpaste. Not exactly what you were hoping for.


That’s why we decided that something had to be done. Travelers, campers or those who love to be on the go deserved to have access to quality dental products no matter where they were. And so, the UltiBrush was born.


The UltiBrush takes the place of a mini travel toothbrush set since everything you need is included within the toothbrush itself:



So how does this amazing traveling toothbrush kit work? It’s certainly not rocket science, but we can understand your reservations. After all, the UltiBrush looks like an ordinary toothbrush.


To use it, start by taking off the protective cap (which also doubles as a rinse cup) and press down on the button that will release the perfect amount of toothpaste into the bristles. Brush, rinse and put the cap back on. Then, turn the travel toothbrush kit over, open the lid, and there you will find dental floss and a mirror.


The UltiBrush can be taken with you anywhere, and the protective cap keeps it clean and sanitary. Thanks to this innovative and futuristic version of a traveling toothbrush kit, you can enjoy good oral hygiene no matter where your life takes you:



Give your mouth the fresh breath and crystal white smile it deserves with the UltiBrush. Far more convenient than a mini travel toothbrush set, but with all the essentials for feeling cool, confident and collected.

Interested? What’re you waiting for?

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