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Dental Promotional Products

When you are considering which dental promotional products to invest in, what do you look for? Perhaps you want your company name to be the focal point of the product. Maybe you want bright colors to draw attention. It could be that you are just trying to find a toothbrush that will clean your client’s teeth well.

What if you could find dental products with a personalized company logo that did all of that — and more? We would like to introduce you to the UltiBrush, a combination toothbrush unlike anything else on the market today. Your clients would pay good money to have one, and if you offer it to them as a gift, your name will be sure to stick in their minds.

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Why we stand out:

  • Other dental products with a company logo are one-trick ponies; if they do anything at all.
  • UltiBrush is more than just a toothbrush. It accomplishes the functions of five products in one:
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothbrush case
    • Toothpaste
    • Floss
    • Mirror
  • The convenience of our dental promotional products means your clients will want to, and will be able to, take the UltiBrush with them wherever they go — school, work, or a trip around the world.
  • Because it is so unique, it makes for a great conversation piece, with your logo at the forefront. People will ask your clients where they got such a nifty toothbrush.

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What is Ultibrush™?

  • A five-in-one toothbrush perfect for travel or oral care on the go
  • In a device the size of a single toothbrush case, UltiBrush has fit a toothbrush, case, toothpaste, floss and a mirror
  • UltiBrush can provide personalized toothbrushes with a company logo that are unlike anything your clients have ever seen

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When we created the UltiBrush, we wanted a product that could do more. We believe that you should expect more from your dental products with a personalized company logo.

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Ultibrush™ in the News.

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Personalized Company Logo

Forget cheap brushes no one will use or corny key chains. Make an investment in your brand by ordering dental promotional products your clients will actually ask for. Stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on your clients with the UltiBrush.

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