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Disposable Toothbrush With Paste Inside

Dental hygiene is very important but time consuming, at least, before we introduced a disposable toothbrush with paste inside. Now, brushing your teeth on the go is as simple as running a comb through your hair at the office, gym or anywhere else on the go.

The UltiBrush has been 20 years in the making and is poised to revolutionize the way that men and women keep their teeth clean while maintaining a fast paced lifestyle. The UltiBrush has completely changed the definition of on the go toothbrushes.

A Toothbrush With Toothpaste Built In For Travel

Complete with floss, mirror and a rinse cup.

Before the UltiBrush, on the go disposable toothbrushes lacked the ability to really allow you to freshen up your mouth. You were forced to carry around a large sack full of these small brushes, which contained a small bit of dehydrated toothpaste on the bristles. These brushes simply were not equipped with the power to remove food particles and bacteria from your mouth.

That is why we invented our disposable toothbrush with paste inside. Instead of relying on a little bit of dehydrated toothpaste, the UltiBrush is armed with a full stock of toothpaste located conveniently in the handle. All you have to do is press a button, and toothpaste covers the bristles.

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How it Works

Our new standard for on the go toothbrushes also boasts a number of other convenient features and designs.

  • The protective casing that covers the brush can double as a rinse cup
  • At the base of the UltiBrush, you will find a built-in floss dispenser.
  • We also installed a small mirror near the floss so that you can see what you are doing.
  • We designed the UltiBrush so that if you decide to lay it down, the bristles will not touch the countertop or other surface on which it might be laying. This ensures the brush stays clean and sanitary.

Suddenly, staying up on your dental hygiene is no longer a time-consuming hassle. Pick up the UltiBrush, a disposable toothbrush with paste inside that allows you to refresh your mouth any time and anywhere.

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