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Disposable Toothbrush With Toothpaste

When you are constantly on the go but want to keep your mouth fresh, your only hope is a disposable toothbrush. Brushing your teeth is the only way to truly clean your mouth and subsequently freshen your breath. Gums and mints do not cut it.

The only downside to this is that disposable brushes are not as good as advertised. Most disposable toothbrushes on today’s market covers the bristles in dehydrated toothpaste so you can give your teeth a quick brush and throw it away. You will be lucky if you are able to adequately brush your teeth and freshen your breath with such a small dose of toothpaste.

That is why we have introduced the revolutionary UltiBrush, which is a toothbrush with toothpaste inside. All you do is push a button, which releases the toothpaste into the bristles of the UltiBrush, allowing you to brush your teeth just like you would at home — only, UltiBrush is incredibly portable.

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Our disposable toothbrush is ideal for men and women who find themselves:

  • Constantly traveling for work.
  • On a camping trip.
  • Wanting to freshen their breath at the office, gym or other setting.
  • Wanting to reduce clutter in their bathroom at home.
  • Attempting to make teeth brushing fun for children.


Toothbrush With Toothpaste Inside

Our disposable toothbrush with toothpaste inside also features a hidden compartment for floss, which also has a tiny mirror built in. All of your oral hygiene needs are taken care of in one convenient brush.

We have patented our toothbrush with toothpaste inside and we believe the UltiBrush will be the new face of dental hygiene throughout the world. Finally, the inconvenient chore of keeping your teeth perfectly clean has gotten easy.

When it comes time to shop for a disposable toothbrush, make a B-line to the UltiBrush. We have spent decades designing this all-in-one toothbrush and that time has certainly paid off. Give the UltiBrush a try and you will see why.

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