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What is it that you desire in a disposable travel toothbrush? Convenience? Compact space? Less mess?

What if you could enjoy all these features — and more — in a toothbrush that you could get at least 40 uses out of? The UltiBrush allows you to do just that.

A design that has been in the works for over 20 years, the UltiBrush is the ultimate in travel toiletry kits. No more of those worthless, disposable toothbrushes. You will not want to leave home without your UltiBrush again.

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How it works:

  • The UltiBrush is about the same size as a traditional toothbrush case.
  • A brush and button are housed under a protective cap to keep them clean and sanitary.
  • Press the button and toothpaste, which is stored in the handle of the brush, is then released into the bristles. No other disposable toothbrush kits allow you to use real, non-dehydrated toothpaste on your teeth.
  • After using our semi disposable travel toothbrush, replace the protective lid.
  • Turn the brush upside down to reveal a lid on the base, as well. Open the lid to use the built-in mirror and remove floss from the floss dispenser.

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Travel Toothbrush Toiletry Kits

You see, UltiBrush takes disposable toiletry kits to a whole new level. We were able to fit a brush, paste, mirror and floss all into one compact and eye-catching design. Additionally, everything about the design has been created with convenience in mind.

The brush is designed so that no matter how you lay it on the counter, the bristles will not touch the surface. This makes brushing your teeth in public restrooms much more stress-free. Also, the design fully complies with all TSA regulations. If you are the type of traveler that prefers not to check bags, you can comfortably pack this in your carryon. The same can’t be said for other travel toiletry kits.

It is time to rethink the definition of a disposable travel toothbrush and get more for your money. The UltiBrush will change the way you view oral health on the go.

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