Promotional Toothbrush

Finding the perfect promotional products for your dental office can be a challenge, especially in today’s industry where patients are looking for creative, innovative solutions for keeping their teeth clean. Many dentists choose a promotional toothbrush for dental advertising, but they admit that the brushes hardly do them justice. After all, what dentist would want to hand over a cheap, plastic toothbrush if they wouldn’t use one themselves?


Well, we have GREAT news for you! The UltiBrush is changing the way that people are brushing their teeth, and you can be a part of this movement!


The UltiBrush is a compact disposable toothbrush that includes all the essentials:



The toothbrush is about the same size as a regular toothbrush, and it’s compliant with TSA regulations. It’s perfect for traveling, but can be used anywhere, really. In the car. On the way to work. After the gym. This is the perfect advertising toothbrush because you can promote good oral hygiene habits anywhere instead of just at home. Brushing and flossing matters throughout the day, not just in the morning and night.


It’s not difficult to get started with the UltiBrush promotional toothbrush for dental advertising. Your name and logo will be clearly printed on the toothbrush and generate plenty of conversation, compared to a standard advertising toothbrush that everyone receives at the dentist. Nothing interesting about that! Also, your office will be promoting:



Just think – when your patients travel with their UltiBrush, your brand will be right there with them. Talk about a great way to get more bang for your buck AND stir up full conversations!

Interested? What’re you waiting for?

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