Small Travel Toothbrush

Wouldn’t it wonderful if you had a small travel toothbrush to take with on your travels, one that included dental floss, toothpaste and a mirror? This handy device isn’t from the future. In fact, you can buy one today! It’s called the UltiBrush, and it’s changing the way people brush their teeth on the go.


Years ago, we didn’t realize how important oral hygiene was to our overall health and wellness. But now we are aware of the benefits to keeping a clean mouth and healthy gums.



If you’re someone who travels a lot, such as for business or leisure, you can’t skip out on your oral health regimen every time you leave home. This would leave gaps in your care that could lead to cavities, gum disease and bad breath. And, you certainly don’t want bad breath when you’re traveling, meeting new people or sitting in business meetings! Thankfully, the UltiBrush is a small folding toothbrush that is 100% portable, lightweight and easy to pack.


The UltiBrush includes five devices in one:



The protective cap, or holder, also doubles as a rinse cup. When you’re finished rinsing out your mouth, place the cap onto the small travel toothbrush to keep it clean and sanitary. On the bottom of the toothbrush is where you’ll find the dental floss and mirror. You have to check your work, after all! The small folding toothbrush is TSA compliant and includes 40 refreshing brushes.


The UltiBrush saves time, money and headache. You don’t have to worry about packing along an entire toiletry bag, and you don’t have to rely on flimsy disposable toothbrushes with the watered down toothpaste. With improved care, you’ll spend less time and money at the dentist, and that’s something you can’t argue with.


Get your small travel toothbrush today and take control of your oral health, even on the go!

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