Tyler Glover and his sister are rookies in the world of dental care but they’re on track to establishing a huge name for themselves with an innovative all-in-one device. Taking their father’s awesome UltiBrush invention to Kickstarter, they’re hoping to raise the modest $12,000 needed to thrust a first batch into production.   And for all its worth, the UltiBrush is a practical, hygienic tool that everyone should get behind.

It’s compact design remarkably fits a spindle of dental floss, a mirror and  toothpaste into the handle of a unique, futuristic toothbrush. The brush features curved bristles, ensuring comfort on your teeth and gums. Plus the protective cover-cup that fits over the brush can double as a rinsing cup. In one piece of equipment, Glover’s product covers all of your mouth care needs!

The toothpaste is located in the body of the brush and with a push of the button, it can be injected from the base of the bristles – preparing a tooth brushing session perfectly every time. Awesome.

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