Toothbrush With Custom Logo

A toothbrush with custom logo is the perfect way to brand your image and get clients thinking about the importance of oral hygiene! The problem is that many dental offices don’t want to keep giving out the same standard toothbrushes. They are a little boring, and a lot predictable. Is there an alternative? Actually, there is.


Meet, the UltiBrush.


The UltiBrush is a super cool toothbrush that is designed for portable, on-the-go use. It contains five critical products in one simple device: a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mirror and holder. With up to 40 uses per toothbrush, you can feel good knowing that your dental promotional products will go wherever your clients go. This may be:



Even though the UltiBrush is designed to be portable, it can also be used at home (it’s a great declutter-er) or when teaching kids how to brush (the toothpaste-dispensing button means less mess and more fun!).


With this toothbrush with custom logo, your brand name will be clearly printed on the oversized handle of the toothbrush, so it certainly won’t be missed. Not to mention, everyone will want to know more about this little gadget that neatly dispenses toothpaste and dental floss. So, it’s a great conversation starter that will direct back to your brand. No other custom logo toothbrush will generate small talk like this!


Get your quote today and see the difference that these dental promotional products will make for your brand.



It’s time to get your brush on. Jumpstart your next campaign with an UltiBrush toothbrush with custom logo. What are you waiting for?

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